Kevin Canterbury Discusses Effective Ways to Give Back to ALS Charities

Kevin Canterbury

ALS Awareness month is almost here, and organizations are preparing their messaging to contribute to the conversation and raise visibility. Through his years of participating in the fight against ALS, Kevin Canterbury has learned that there are a variety of ways that individuals can give back. Here, Kevin includes a short list of methods that he believes to be the most effective ways to support ALS charities.

Find Ways to Donate

One of the biggest barriers to giving back is that people may not be up to speed on simple, yet effective ways to do so. While it may seem overly simple, Kevin Canterbury of Arizona maintains that one of the easiest ways to give back in the fight against ALS is by donating money directly to charitable organizations. There are several ways to donate while maximizing your donation, Canterbury notes. For example, some companies offer an employer gift match when you pledge a donation to ALS charities. This match effectively doubles your donation and, in some cases, brings additional recognition to charity that may lead to even more pledges.

The ALS Association upholds that there are other ways to give that benefit ALS patients as well. Individuals that are interested can join the fight by actions such as creating a fundraising campaign or donating a used vehicle. Some ways to donate, according to Kevin Canterbury of Arizona, do not require that the individual changes much about their routine to give back. For example, AmazonSmile and similar setups allow for people that are interested to donate through purchasing products that they were already ordering. While these methods donate a small portion of a product’s price at a time, these add up if you and others in your family use the services frequently.

Get Involved

Money is not the only way to get involved, and Canterbury maintains that bringing assistance to events focusing on ALS is a great way to give back. The ALS Association keeps a running list of events that are taking place over the course of the year, giving those interested a chance to observe what is happening in the community. Events may need people for anything for participating, volunteering, or organizing, and individuals that are interested can reach out to see where they may be needed. As expansive as the ALS Association is as a resource, there may be events for ALS in your own community that may not be posted to the site. For this reason, staying up to date with bulletins in your town or city can help you identify ALS focused events that may need volunteers or donations. Kevin Canterbury speaks to how getting involved is an excellent way to join the fight against ALS because there are so many different roles that you can fill.

Contribute to the Conversation

To grow awareness and increase organizations’ capacity to receive donation, people that are involved will need to contribute to the dialogue on ALS and the positive work charities are doing. Kevin recognizes that many people that donate do so in secret as to not gloat on their contributions. While humbly making contributions is great, Kevin Canterbury of Arizona notes that sharing information about your donations can have a positive impact if you decide to do so. Reason being, people may also wish to donate if they realize that there are events in their community taking place that need assistance. Sharing information about an organization and the donating process through social media on in person can spread awareness and give involved individuals the opportunity to educate.

Kevin Canterbury
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